Living by Grace

My wife graduated from Wake Forest last Saturday (MFA Documentary Film). We went to nearby Grace Court Park the next day to take pictures. Grace Court is a small park just outside of downtown Winston Salem with lovely landscaping and a large, well-kept gazebo in the center. During the warmer months the park is never crowded but weddings, photo shoots, and couples on its many benches are common. My daughter loves it. She chases robins and people watches for hours. 

So while we were shooting a portrait of just my wife the Little One kept running to the other side of the park to photobomb a wedding photoshoot. A nice gentleman offered to keep on eye on her while we finished up. A little desperate I thanked him and he trailed after the racing toddler gently directing her away from the other photoshoot. 

In a few minutes we were ready for my daughter. As were setting up I talked with her impromptu sitter for a few minutes. Thirty eight years ago to the day he and his wife were married at Grace Court Park. They were first couple to be married there. In fact, the park was still private property and he had to approach the owner for permission. They setup tents where there are now three young trees and held both the ceremony and reception in the garden. Six years ago his wife passed away. Every year since he comes on their anniversary, May 15th, to quietly clean and beautify the park in memory of his wife and their marriage. Blinking back tears, I asked him if we could take a picture with our daughter. We took the picture just after 2pm, the exact time he was married 38 years ago.